Behind every great website is a great server.

When you have a website built, you need to keep it somewhere. Somewhere it can be accessed any time of the day. This is on a server. The server is constantly switched on, and is sat with lots of other servers. All being looked after and all churning out constant access to your website.

The quality and speed of the server along with it's location is very important when it comes to user experience.

A lot of companies provide hosting on servers located in all different parts of the globe. They do this because it is cheap, and allows them to offer them at rock bottom prices.

This poses a few issues though. Because the servers are miles and miles away, like the delay you see on the news when they interview someone a long way away, this delay is exactly the same with websites. Someone in the UK wants to see your website, but there device is sent to, lets say, a server in California, where the information is then sent back. On most websites, this will cause a lag. Creating a bad, end user experience. Google are all about giving their search engine users a GOOD end user Experience, and as a result, will not favour websites hosted a million miles from the visitor.

We are therefore proud to provide our clients with hosting based right here in the UK

Our London based servers mean for a much faster end user experience, and so in turn, will not hold weight in jeopardising your search engine performance!

Host One.
£9.99 Per Month


Your First Month FREE

The minimum requirement for hosting your template website. This price covers the monthly hosting of your website along with any maintenance to plug-in updates.

Any alterations or copy updates are charged separately. This website hosting plan is ideal for companies who don't think they will be needing many, if any, updates to the copy on their website, or have just started out and are dipping their toes in the pool of web advertising.

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Host Two.
£39.99 Per Month

Your First Month FREE

A good website performance is the result of constant trial and error with regular reviewing and updating of your websites copy.

This package benefits from the installation of google Analytics combined with an in-depth quarterly review looking at your websites current search engine presence, traffic, and keyword performance.

This will be be combined with any suggestions we can make in order to push your website in the right direction looking to constantly improve traffic from the right sources.

If your budget can allow this plan, and you are serious about your website building traffic, creating leads and being the best it can be, then this is definitely the hosting plan for you.

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