All of our web design for small companies incorporates very comprehensive SEO to make sure those search engines know what your site is about, what's better, basic SEO is included in our prices.

There are two sides to making a website, there is of course the making it, and then there is ensuring that it is usable for both the sites visitors, and the search engines. You want to be sure that when you have your website online, people can find you!

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A lot of SEO "cowboys" have a few tricks up their sleeve though, be aware...

Say your an electrician and an SEO 'Expert' gets you ranked 1 for "Good electrician for my house" that's great, Right?

It would be fantastic, if thousands of people searched for that exact phrase in google every month, but chances are they don't and that is how an SEO 'Expert' get's clients that don't have an understanding of SEO ranked 1st.

What a lot of SEO companies do is get clients ranked 1st for a gang of keywords that people don't search for, and because people don't search for them, they aren't sought after by everyone, and because of this, they are easy to rank for. More importantly, and something the client has to understand, the 'Ranking in Google' way of measuring your SEO is not that reliable anyway, due to how search engines work these days, a lot of your results are based on other factors such as your location or if you are signed into google, your results can change based on what google have recorded you searching for in the past. So where one person may see you ranked 1st in the organic search field, someone else may not see you at all. The real way to measure performance is through seeing and understanding what traffic certain keywords have brought to your site.

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